Home News Exactech Unveils Breakthrough Technology for Computer Assisted Knee Replacement Surgery at CAOS International, June 13 - 15

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Exactech has unveiled a groundbreaking advancement in knee replacement surgery that puts critical information at surgeons’ fingertips. ExactechGPS®—Guided Personalized Surgery--gives surgeons real-time visual guidance and joint alignment verification during the surgical procedure.

Similar to the navigation system in a car, Exactech GPS provides a visual map of the patient’s joint on a touch-screen computer display. This information allows surgeons to easily make adjustments, use minimally invasive techniques and perform implant alignment that’s precisely right for each individual patient.

Exactech plans to debut the new technology during the 13th Annual Meeting of Computer Assisted Orthopaedic Surgery International (CAOS), Orlando, FL, June 13 – 15. Exactech provided top sponsorship for this medical education program and will also support the event with podium presentations and demonstrations in a bio-skills workshop.

Exactech’s presentations and posters include:

  • Why We Need New Technologies in Orthopaedics, William Petty, MD
  • Presidential Guest Lecture: Why is Exactech expending significant resources for a CAOS system?, William Petty, MD
  • Accuracy of a novel computer-assisted guidance system for total knee arthroplasty, Angibaud LD, Silver XS, Gulbransen S, Stulberg B
  • Evaluation of a new computer-assisted guidance system, Boiardo RA, Brax M, Giordano GC, Hohl NS, Polakovic SV
  • Evaluation of the alignment discrepancies during total knee arthroplasty using an image-free computer-assisted guidance system, Angibaud LD, Silver XS, Stulberg B