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ExactechGPS has been shown to be accurate within less than one degree

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1. ExactechGPS System

The images on the screen allow the surgeon to verify where to remove bone and appropriately place the implant.

2. ExactechGPS Touch Screen

The computer analyzes the information it has gathered and displays it on the screen in a graphical format with calculated key measurements.

3. ExactechGPS Trackers

With a few simple trackers placed on the patient’s bone, the system sends data on the patient’s anatomical structure and joint movement to the computer.

When it comes to knee replacement, accurate placement and alignment of the implant components are critical to the overall longevity and function of the implant.

Traditionally, surgeons have used pre-operative X-rays, instrumentation and special techniques to plan the surgery and calculate the fit and positioning of the total knee implant. While this has worked well for many years, studies have shown the risk of implant failure increases substantially when the implant is outside of three degrees of alignment.2

ExactechGPS was developed to assist surgeons meet their goals of precision and accuracy in total joint replacements. It has been shown to be accurate within less than one degree.1


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